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What is a hinge? Note on installation of mother and son hinges
DATE:2017-11-7   VISITORS:538

Now the hinge in our daily life a lot, which hinges is one of the most widely used type of hinge daily use hinges installed in the door frame depth, center, and other side are appropriate, so loved by consumers, so what is the hinges? How to install?

What is a hinge?

The hinge is a hinge that is installed on the door of the house. Including the hinge and the hinge axis, its main feature is divided into sub hinge hinge and hinge hinge and a mother, son mother hinges are arranged on the hinge shaft and forming a hinge, hinge and hinge are sub mother can rotate around the hinge shaft free, and sheet sub hinge and hinge hinge shaft is in the mother in a tangential direction, has a hinge and a hinge hole sub parent, you can install the screws, the door and door frame to fix and reach the normal opening and closing, closing effect. Hinges in the door frame, middle depth, side are suitable for installation, do not like the flat open hinge that cut to the hinge of the door is fixed position (slotted), a door frame and a door leaf gap size is reasonable, do not undermine the overall appearance, and convenient installation. Hinge price is only 3/5 of ordinary hinge, because of the above characteristics make it more and more favored by consumers.

How to install the hinge?

1, mother hinge installation method: mother and child hinge installation is very simple, but also pay attention to the hinge hinge type, type, performance and so on, there are some differences in the installation. The interior door hinges installation, located in the inner side panels of the cabinet in the cabinet beside the installation need to keep a certain gap, with safe flexible open wicket. The full cover type mother child hinge is installed, and the door is covered on the side panel surface of the cabinet, then the gap size between the two should be noted. When the semi cover type mother child hinge is installed, the two doors share the same side plate, there is a small gap between them, and the distance of each door should be reduced correspondingly.

2, mother hinge installation skills: although in the mother and son hinge installation is very simple, but in the installation also has some small skills, need to pay attention to the distance between the door and hinge cup hole edge between the greater, the minimum clearance is smaller. When the two doors share a side payment, the total clearance should be two times the minimum clearance. In the case of semi cover, the distance between the two doors should be moderate. Door width, height, and material quality are the main determinants of the number of doors required. Open the door to door while the smallest distance is determined by the C distance, thickness, type of door door. In the installation of mother and son hinge installation, according to the different circumstances, choose the appropriate gap.

3, lash hinge installation steps: installing hinges fixed end, tighten the screws and hinges are divided into fixed end and the door end of the fixed end, in the installation before the need to tighten the screws, and then tighten the wall on the ground is fixed together or with a small angle; in complex screw, and then confirm the location, punch and the assembly program, and then install the fixed end on the ground; the door hinge position confirmation terminal base, screws, method is to open the door to the maximum, and then find the exact location of screwed door hinges on the parent parent terminal; finally carry on adjust hinge.

4, mother and son hinge installation notice: in the mother hinge installation process, the best installation of three, so as to ensure better bearing capacity. In the installation process of the hinge, it is not necessary to carry out slotting treatment, which ensures the integrity and beauty of the door frame to a great extent. The mother and the child hinge installation uses three sections, the middle hinge installs slightly to be able to rely on, can enhance its stability effectively, the doorframe page situation is better. Pay attention to the thickness of the hinge should not be too thin, as long as the appearance of no change, close close, just normal.