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What's the difference between hinges and hinges? The difference between hinges and hinges
DATE:2017-11-6   VISITORS:508

The hinge and hinge are linked to furniture hardware parts, two functions are similar, but there are still gaps, some people say, used in windows or doors are used in the cabinet hinge, the hinge, their role is to break. So specifically what is the difference between the hinge and the hinge?

What are hinges and hinges?

With the hinge hinge, furniture is copper decorations. It is often composed of eighty percent off parts, which is a metal part that connects two parts of furniture and can make it move. It belongs to a system with rotating shaft. Hinge, also called hinge, is a mechanical device used to connect two solids and allow them to rotate between them. It can be made up of movable components, or made of collapsible material.

What's the difference between hinges and hinges?


Used for cabinet doors, windows, doors and so on. The material is made of iron, copper and stainless steel. The disadvantage of the ordinary hinge is that it does not have the function of spring hinge. After installing the hinge, it must be loaded with a variety of beads, otherwise the wind will blow the door plate.

The window sash opens and swings too quickly, the tip does not pay attention to, the strong swing easily causes the hinge to bump into the internal damage, causes to drop the window, the drop window does not have any precursor. The window sash swing by two connecting rod wind bracing for regulating the sash angle, is reluctantly, because only by a hand screw to hold the top wind force +20 kg sash structure is not reasonable.


The safety positioning hinge is put on the market, the structure solves the heavy sash, causing the fall, opening and closing too tight, resulting in mutual wear, so as to ensure the service life and ensure the safety of the window sash.

The hinge can provide a certain amount of friction, so it can be used alone, while the upper part of the upper window is slightly different on the flat window, and the length of the outer arm is different.

In summary, the hinge refers to a tool that connects the movable part with the fixed part, such as the hinge connected between the door and the wall. The hinge can be used for the connection between the fixed object and the movable object, and is also used for the connection between the movable objects. Hinges should be loose and long relative to loose sheets. Loose leaf, fixed and movable.